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We help entrepreneurs and innovators make better decisions. We provide them with the proper tools to reach their full potential and to see the bigger picture.

We keep the light on

In a world that refuses to stay still, contemplation can be a luxury. Having to validate a concept in a limited time, there is a gigantic amount of craftsmanship in between a great idea and a great product: your concept changes, your iterations add-up and as you get into the subtleties, you meet the unwanted mandatory trade-offs; there are just certain things you can't make nature do, or humans do.

Through these noises, designing a product is keeping taxonomy of things in your brain and nurturing them, every day in new and different ways to shape your thought. Along this journey, we keep the light on.

Read our mind

In an environment where uncertainty is constantly increasing, the sole persistent fact is that yesterday’s practices will be outdated tomorrow.

At Taylor, we made it a habit to withhold our beliefs for a while and to question everything. You understand so much more the nature of your surrounding when you understand how it came to be. We search. We create. We observe. We test. And we do it all over. And when we persist enough, an idea presents itself. A new solution, that fits better for the future and that makes our lives more convenient.

Committed to Pay forward

From the harnessing of electricity for artificial lighting to the development of artificial intelligence, humans have been always innovating, rooting all the technology shifts, extending our capabilities, and enhancing our lives in countless ways, And in doing so, they contributed uninterruptedly elevating the sediments of Human evolution. 

At Taylor, we are beholden to every creator from whom our work is inspired, with whom we are broadening our understanding and who laid out the ground we stand on. We embrace our heritage by setting the next sediment and paying forward to our community. On their shoulders, we stand and on our shoulders, you will stand.

Designed by hungry innovators
for hungry innovators

Our endeavours have been designed to reflect our identity, to communicate the balance between our belief and our devotion to disrupt the status quo. Some things about our institute are changing enormously, and others – like our commitment to onboarding and developing exceptional people – will always stay the same.

They believe in our mission.

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Testimonials from our Incredible Contributors.

  • Anis. CEO. MakerLab.

    As an entrepreneur, meeting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in a well organised event such as Startup Weekend AI, gave me great opportunities to widen my network and strengthen my professional relationship.

  • Mohamed. CFO. Electrify.

    I was really honoured to be part of Startup Weekend Carthage, and enjoyed working with all the Taylor institute team. You were all impressively engaged to make this event succeed and it was really a very nice experience.